Journey to Publication Writing Program

A Curriculum Providing Light on the Pathway to Authorship

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Journey To Publication is a comprehensive curriculum that will take writing enthusiasts ages 12 -112 on an adventurous journey from concept to completion of micro-fiction, essay, flash-fiction, short story, novelette or novella, as well as the publishing industry. Participating writing enthusiasts will learn much more than the basics of writing; they will be exposed to in-depth aspects of the career of a writer. There is a NOVICE and an ADVANCED curriculum. 

Journey To Publication was imagined, created, developed, and authored by your JLB Creatives Publishing Department Heads: 
  • JLB Creatives Publishing curriculum department manager - Debbie Armas
  • JLB Creatives Publishing senior executive editor, author - Dar Bagby
  • JLB Creatives Publishing CEO, curriculum founder/creative contributor, author - Janet Beasley
  • JLB Creatives Publishing senior financial director, author -  Jean E. Lane
  • JLB Creatives Publishing chief graphic designer, author - Connie Thompson
  • JLB Creatives Publishing media director, author - Elise VanCise

Together these outstanding literary experts bring a combined total of 100+ years in the industry to this curriculum. These same creative team members also hold experience as private school teachers and administrators, public school teachers, home school leaders, home school group leaders, home school mothers, published authors, 4-H leaders/members, international speakers, Young Writers Workshop facilitators, theatrical production professionals, and event planners. 



Journey to Publication™ is more than just learning the craft of writing. Throughout the entire journey, instructors will have the opportunity to provide light on diverse literary subjects using this curriculum’s highly interactive sessions. In turn the writing enthusiasts will apply the literary skills as they learn them by continually creating their masterpieces.

In addition to being exposed to basic creative writing techniques and working on their stories, both Novice and Advanced participating writing enthusiasts will have the chance to experience (but are not limited to) the following:

  • The fun of naming their writing group and getting to know their fellow enthusiasts
  • Enjoy interactive sessions
  • Get the hang of creating a professional author bio
  • Experience the ins and outs of writing in a specific genre
  • Discover techniques required to start and maintain their author platforms
  • Grasp the simplicity of marketing their titles
  • Learn what it takes to develop a platform
  • Have their eyes opened to preparing for a book signing event
  • Become familiar with benefits of landing a speaking engagement and preparing for it
  • Get an in depth look at the “guts” of the publishing worlds: self and trade
  • Take in the do's and don’ts of submitting a manuscript for publication
  • Learn in detail how to understand a publishing contract/agreement
  • Establish knowledge of writing query and cover letters
  • Master how to approach someone to write a foreword
  • Unleash the tips and tricks of creating a book trailer
  • Find out how illustrations can serve a purpose
  • Develop skills in becoming a sufficient self-editor
  • Dive headfirst into the realm of professional book cover design
  • Acquire information regarding formatting both print and eBooks
  • Gain insight into writing a professional review
  • Discover ideas on how to have a successful “author graduation” party (Regular editions only)
  • And most importantly – enthusiasts who *qualify will become a published author through JLB Creatives Publishing

*YES! Selected writing enthusiasts who complete the path to authorship by writing a fictional or non-fictional short story – essay – micro-fiction – flash-fiction – novelette - or novella and follow the submission guidelines, all by the end of his/her adventure sessions, qualify for being chosen by their overseer(s) and/or peers to receive the reward of being published by JLB Creatives Publishing (JLBCP), or qualify as an individual (if purchased for individual use such as self-enrichment) for consideration of publication by JLB Creatives Publishing.  eBooks of the new authors’ works are made free to the general public. No royalties are collected or paid. JLBCP publishes only eBooks for selected Journey to Publication™ authors, and the eBooks are distributed worldwide through JLBCP’s select channels at their discretion. JLBCP does not publish anything obscene or slanderous. All works will be approved by JLBCP prior to publication. JLBCP reserves the final right to refuse any work for publication without explanation. Detailed information regarding publication appears within the actual curriculum.

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